“No body, only parts”

I can’t sleep
My thoughts wonder to the 13 soldiers that were killed today.
I read every possible article on the case
I spent every thought possible about this situation
there is no rest..
Thoughts keep on coming.. and every second they go deeper, to a more painful place..
“No body, only parts”
This sentence engraved in my mind
Best friend of a friend form work was one of the 13..
He jumped to work to update us ..
Usually I see him as a funny and cynical man..
today I saw a whole other person
“No body, only parts”
we all looked at each other..
and we cried..
We knew that today of all days we want to be at home, with our family, watching the news
And mourn.
Mourn for these heroes that with their bodies protected us from death..
this brave men..
Whole of Israel in mourning.

I’m not the most educated person regarding politics war and history
Somehow these three concepts go together
I tried not to take a position in that matter… I don’t understand it much
I’m not the most patriotic also, because I knew a lot of discrimination from this country
But I always knew that I’m against hate
I felt sorry for the Palestinians, for their losses ..
People are killed, no matter which side its still hurts
A human soul is taken because of greed for geographic grounds..

But today .. today is hard for me ..
I find it hard to be hurt for them
Today I hurt for us ..
And this pain I dedicate to those heroes who gave their lives for our peace..
There are no winners in war
Only death
“No body, only parts”…

old pictures

How everything has changed
Looking at these old pictures take me back to the days everything seemed simpler.
When life was as it seems.
Some of the pictures are engraved in my mind.

 Like a scene which I can return to every time I look at this picture.
And some pictures suddenly have new meaning.
There are those that I lingered a few seconds and let the feeling flooding me.
And some just enough for  me to glance at them, and I’ll know that in a moment my heart will skip a beat.
How much truth there is in these pictures.
They are getting old  in the same speed as my soul.
Each picture leaves me with a new wrinkle on my face, as if  I just lived that moment again.
Faces come and go.

Young faces smiling at me..
Some of them leave an echo, a painful echo.

There’s a lived life there…

Broken Souls
Unfulfilled dreams
And yet in every picture, there is a true moment of happiness..

Maybe one day I‘ll get there ..

The time now is 5am.
Tel Aviv

A melody playing in the background…
These notes takes my thoughts far away..

My thoughts wandering to a lonely and quiet place…
I’m alone there.
In front of me there’s a lake, and behind the lake high mountains.
I can barely see the mountains .
Fog hides them and gives them a distant and dark appearance.
I sit on the banks of the river ..
And a sense of calm lays over me.
My hands go through the grass, and I feel everything.
As if at this moment the grass got a new life.
the melody suddenly sounds so far away..
And now I can hear the sound of branches…
Somewhere a bird sings
For a moment I can hear even the breeze

I close my eyes
The sun warms my face
And I look up directly at her
And my hands still holding the grass
And my hearing absorbs every little noise
The sun grows stronger
I turn my head forward and open my eyes
The fog disappeared
It is a clear view now
And I can see the mountains
They look closer.
More tangible
Maybe one day I‘ll get there ..

I close my eyes again
And let my body fall on the soft grass.
This moment is inevitable.
I know it will come any minute
I hold the grass
Take a deep breath
The sun now feel stronger than ever
I can almost see her through my closed ​​eyes..

Tel Aviv
The time now is 6am..